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On the startup culture in India and Government support #StartupIndia

Recently, I read an article¬†(the Wire webiste) on Indian government’s new incentives for startups. The article is written by Purushottam Kesar who is an alumnus of NIT Hamirpur, my alma mater. The recent developments in this area in India is … Continue reading

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certainly an engine

certainly an engine This is from a while back, but interesting take on Linux. Dr. Lienhard has some good comments. Just wanted to post this as some information for all.

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His work has been cut-out

A new semester has begun…. ok now in full flow. He is finding it a bit difficult to cope up with it this time compared to last Spring. He has enrolled for two courses – ¬†Viscous Flow Theory (with an … Continue reading

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Last few days

Last few days have been fun. Well if you look from my perspective, yes. I have learnt a lot in the last 4-5 days in the area of turbulent fluid flow, starting from the basic concepts to some higher fundas. … Continue reading

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In USA, they still call college/university as ‘school’. Back in India, it is college. School is for kids there. Here, they term assignments as homework, just like it was in school. I believe all these terminology stem from the fact … Continue reading

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