Inculcating a new hobby

A few months back I bought a camera. This is the Fujifilm Finepix SL1000. This is my first ever high-end camera. Although, this is not really a very “high-end”, for me it is. Not quite a Digital Single-lens Refelx Camera or DSLR, it has many modes and gives you the option of setting only the aperture, or the shutter speed or both at the same time.

I found a very handy guide to using such camera’s here:

Today, I tried to take a picture of the moon with full zoom. That is 50X. This is the one of the best features of the camera I think.

Here is a sample. This picture has been cropped to about 30% of its original size. No other effect has been added. I set the shutter speed to 1/500 sec for this. ISO-800 was the default setting. The camera ‘brain’ chose the aperture size of F/6.5 for this setting (do not know much about this, how?) No flash was used.

The moon

The moon

So I found out a new use for my camera, apart from taking pictures on trips to random places.

About the above pic: Did some searching on the internet. Found some information and as a result, have some more questions about the moon.

The big crater visible on the right (east-southeast) of the moon is called the Mare Crisium or ‘Sea of Crisis’. The nomenclature comes from an Italian astronomer: Giovanni Riccioli (you can wiki this). This Mare is also visible by naked eye.

On this webpage: the shape of the moon is correct for the present day (2nd June, 2014) but is rotated by about 45 degrees from the picture I took. I do not quite understand why, although that should not be a very difficult aspect to fathom, about the revolution of the moon around the earth, and its visibility from different parts of the world. The Moon is illuminated about 20% today, but the disk (2D) is only about 14.8% of the total. The zodiac sign is Leo.

I will try to take some more pictures of this satellite of mother earth, and post here.



About Pranab Narayan Jha

I am an eternal student, wanting to learn something from everyone. Currently living in Houston, USA. The purpose of this blog is to write about things I find interesting and also, through it, read what other people write and think. Some of my interests are football (soccer), my work which involves fluid flow, learning about India and its ancient history.
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