His work has been cut-out

A new semester has begun…. ok now in full flow. He is finding it a bit difficult to cope up with it this time compared to last Spring. He has enrolled for two courses –  Viscous Flow Theory (with an extremely tough professor) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (where he has to write a code in Matlab or FORTRAN for a new technique to describe fluid flow). Plus, he has to work on hisThesis, this being the crucial make or break semester. If he does enough work to impress  his professor, and most importantly HIMSELF, he will be able to graduate next Spring.

By now, you must have got the idea that he is a graduate student. If not, then, well, he is! At the University of Houston. His work mainly deals with computer simulations of fluid flow using CFD tools. This semester for his CFD class project, he has planned to take a shot at writing a code for the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) used to simulate fluid flow. (He plans to use this technique to add to his thesis work later on).

So what really is this LBM? LBM is a technique in which fluid is considered as particles (ironical when you think about the continuum hypothesis being the first cornerstone of Fluid Dynamics). These particles interact, actually collide, with each other, and the outcome of the collisions is defined by a set of rules. He will try to model this.

He is planning to use Matlab as his tool. This he decided today itself. He has no prior working knowledge of this coding language. In fact, he hates any type of coding. At least he used to, till today. For the past few days, he has been trying to relearn Fortran (yes! the oldie is still here) but he realized that to try to run lots of graphics and various plots, Matlab would better serve his purpose. Easier to use and debug (his friend told him today, and he believes its true), it will give him more freedom.

So now he has to learn how to use Matlab to solve the LB equations. His first priority is to give himself about 20 days to learn how to use Matlab and also simultaneously go a bit deep into LBM for which he has already collected some initial data.

Lets hope everything turns out to be good. In the next 20 days, he plans to write (and debug) the code. November 15 is the time around which, if everything starts running fine, he will think of taking his code to the next level – Multiphase.

More to come soon, on his work and updates about his life in general, which pretty much revolves around such trivial stuff.


About Pranab Narayan Jha

I am an eternal student, wanting to learn something from everyone. Currently living in Houston, USA. The purpose of this blog is to write about things I find interesting and also, through it, read what other people write and think. Some of my interests are football (soccer), my work which involves fluid flow, learning about India and its ancient history.
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5 Responses to His work has been cut-out

  1. Rohit says:

    Sreesanth ki tarah kyun likh raha hai? Don’t let the whole world know your inadequacies. Rookie’s advice is good(He did it all for the nookie, the nookie, so you can take the cookie and stick it ** **** ***). MATLAB is a very easy language. The manual is sufficient.

    All the best. You made that biodiesel thing. Lattice-Boltzmann is easy-peasy.

  2. Rookie says:

    First para, last line – 3rd person impresses, 1st person graduates 😛

    A great resource which I find very useful while working on Matlab:

    It is user community, so you might not get specific thing for you, but reading the discussions proves to me very useful. Hope, it does same for you. 🙂

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