Holiday Season

Here I am in Houston celebrating my first Christmas. People decorate their houses just as we do back in India during the Durga Puja and Diwali celebrations. I went to a SriLankan family’s place for Christmas eve celebrations. My Moon- the spanish place at Rice VillageIt was fun. Next day, Christmas itself was boring. Me and my roomies were sitting idle in the house. So we decided to go out to “Rice Village”. I should tell you that its a small area surrounding Rice University.

The houses are really fabulous and big. The Rice Village shopping place is awesome. Just as you would imagine a university place should be. Filled with some cool hangouts that include irish pubs, french eatouts, a spanish restaurat called ‘mi luna’ which plays good spanish music and people enjoy salsa and there are some high-maintenance brand outlets too.

My Moon- the spanish place at Rice VillageSo in the evening, we go out there to have some fun. We sit in this cozy place called “Baker St”. We had a beer and then decide to go to China Town. Now this China Town in Houston is some place to go to once in a while. Its cheap, by American standards, lots of Chinese people around. Even the road signs are in Chinese. So we go to this Vietnamese cum Chinese resto and we order some food.

No veggies at all here. Lots of exotic stuff like frogs, crabs, oysters, lobsters, etc.

So finally I ordered some rice and pork. Food was decent. The best was the fish-sauce they served alongwith the rice. It was one of the best things I had ever tasted that was made of fish. And as usual, Wily tried to mingle a bit too much with the Chinese (as he does with any other culture, and calls it mannerisms which I don’t know why). He tried to eat the whole rice and meat with the chopsticks and finally he did complete the whole food. But at the end his hand was aching from the pain of holding chopsticks for so long. Whats the fun in that, eh?

Well decent place, i would say. The Chinese people don’t forget their culture v easily. The will not leave their roots even in a foreign land. We Indians do. We think we are cool because we can adapt well to any freaking place, but then if it is at the expense of your own culture, language, etc. whats the use. You are no better than those illegal immigrants who don’t want others to know their true identity.
These are just my thoughts!


About Pranab Narayan Jha

I am an eternal student, wanting to learn something from everyone. Currently living in Houston, USA. The purpose of this blog is to write about things I find interesting and also, through it, read what other people write and think. Some of my interests are football (soccer), my work which involves fluid flow, learning about India and its ancient history.
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