In USA, they still call college/university as ‘school’. Back in India, it is college. School is for kids there. Here, they term assignments as homework, just like it was in school. I believe all these terminology stem from the fact they still consider college as a part of basic education. In India, if you are in college you are a semi-grown man. When you get a job, you are a fully grown man, capable of earning and looking after yourself and possibly your family. Here, its not like that. Students earn while they are in college and some of them take care of their own expenses. Well not everyone too, but many do. Some, on the other hand, are capable of working, but prefer to feed on their parents’ money. Well, we have spoilt brats in India too, but not many compared to the general population. Here you have many such spoilt brats.

An Indian guy, who is rich, came to USA to do his undergrad. He changed 5 schools just during his undergrad. One must have lots of money to do that. You cannot expect that in India. Students come to the USA to attend graduate school and that too after taking hefty loans. So they are more sensitive towards money wasting.

Btw, I have some ‘homework’ to do for my convection class. We have reached a stage where now I have to deal with turbulent flow and not just laminar flow and also the heat transfer involeved with it. Boundary layer is also there plus the nemesis of math.


About Pranab Narayan Jha

I am an eternal student, wanting to learn something from everyone. Currently living in Houston, USA. The purpose of this blog is to write about things I find interesting and also, through it, read what other people write and think. Some of my interests are football (soccer), my work which involves fluid flow, learning about India and its ancient history.
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